One Tough Mother

Why someone would want to test my mama bear instincts is beyond me. Like seriously, beyond me. I have and will let a lot of things roll of my back, because really, it means nothing. And more than that, said person that is attempting to poke the bear is so incredibly insignificant to this life as a whole, that it really has always meant nothing. But comma however, the very first second that you try to make any reference or connection to my child, well then, that’s a bad move on your end.

As you’ve recently discovered. Bad move little bear.

Don’t do it again. Next time I’ll be less than nice. Because trust me, I was in fact nice when I had to correct your ass. I’m sorry that you chose me to try to dig at the person that you have a real issue with, and further more, that you tried to make a connection to my child. I’m sorry that your self-esteem and self-worth at that low. But that has nothing to do with me, nor will it ever.

I”m sorry that I am in fact prettier than you, and I’m not meaning in the physical sense. Although I’m not sure that you could negate that one either. But I have a good heart. Good character. You cannot say the same. So not only does that translate past that miserable look plastered on your face all the time, but it shows the disturbingly dark color of your heart and excessively low levels of negative energy that pour out of you on a daily basis. I hope you find some way to love yourself soon. I really do.

One day your love quotient will rise, and hopefully it rises within yourself first. Until that time little bear, it would be well advised for you to keep your distance. From both me and my social media sites. Stalking has never been cute, specifically when you have no reason to be interested in me. If you did, then I would imagined you would have looked me in the eyes and spoken the numerous times we’ve been face to face, instead of hanging your head or looking away. Notice I don’t do that with you. I don’t have to with non-factors. You are a non-factor, or were until you tried to fight your relationship issues with a connection to my child. So continue to make any more references or connections involving my son, and I will in fact have a reason to dislike you. Do yourself a favor and don’t give me that.


-One Tough Mother

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