Friend Zone

So I officially deactivated my Facebook profile the other day.

I know what you’re thinking. How on earth can someone not have a Facebook? What is this, 1992?

In all seriousness though, FB has just become a place of emotional landmines for me. It seems like every other hour someone is either announcing another pregnancy, or posting pics of their freshly pressed baby. And it’s not that I’m not happy for them. Sure I am. Babies are always a blessing, and how wonderful is it for two people to consciously make the choice to expand their family. It’s just that I’m still so incredibly sad for me. And I was just starting to unfollow people who had children the same age as Kam, but with the rate of this baby boom, I’ll soon only be looking at my own Mother’s page. And I would seriously loose my shit if she became pregnant. (Clearly joking here. Insert shocked emoji.)

But especially now, since it was exactly a year and 13 days ago that I found out I was pregnant. So seeing all these pregnancy announcements just puts me in a really bad place emotionally. And I hate going from a perfectly decent day, to being angry with the world because I decided to absentmindedly scroll through my all too familiar news feed.

So for now, I’ve officially left the friend zone. And you know what, I have yet to miss it. My iPhone’s battery has been thanking me for the past 48 hours, and I’ve found a lot more time within my day. Sure, this means I’ll have to find another way to waste away a lot of moments, but that’s a challenge I gladly accept.

(insert two finger peace emoji here)

Signing off – officially

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