The Very First Words of a Lifelong Love Letter

Kamren Grey –

I will never be able to put into words just how entirely you’ve filled this heart of mine, and brought my very lost soul back to the surface. I’m eternally grateful that you chose me to be your Mama. I wear that title proudly with every single breath I take. 

I still remember the moment that I found out you existed. I remember being terrified. I never imagined the day when I would see those two pink lines show up so quickly. But I immediately rubbed my lower belly, and I told you that I choose you. In that moment, I chose you to be my life and my future. That hasn’t changed. Not even a little. You are my future now more than ever. Every single decision I’ve made since I first heard your heartbeat, and even more after hearing your last, is to ensure that I earn the right to see you again. I’m not entirely sure how long I have to wait to do that, but I will never give up. I will never stop loving you. And mostly, I will never stop being your Mama. 

I love you with every single piece of my soul Bubbie. To Heaven and back. 

-Mommy ❤ xx

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