Today my peace was tested.

Mentally, emotionally, and internally.

I thought I’d moved past this specific turmoil, but as I’ve found myself here with the need to get it out, it’s clear that I haven’t.

That’s the thing about peace. It can so easily be stolen.

But today was not the day I allowed someone else to take my personal peace as payment.

Because that’s the other thing about peace. You can so easily take it back when the cost has become to high.

I pride myself in picking good people to have in my life. I make a conscious effort to choose people who choose happiness. People who celebrate my success, as much as I celebrate theirs, and I personally love a good party.

There are still however, moments when I find myself allowing old emotional energies to pop their head through and say hello. I’m finding I’ve come to an acceptance level with that as well, as long as they never fully take over.

Tonight they got close.

Tonight I almost said too much, with abandon.

Tonight I was tempted to match the ignorance of their counterpart, in respect to the way I used to crave their presence. And I know from experience that this would have in fact accomplished just that.

But, tonight I didn’t. And that’s something.

Tonight I chose to take my peace back. Tonight I decided that feeding this specific energy in my life, has become too expensive for me.

I’m not necessarily a bargain shopper, and I fully believe in the saying, ‘you get what you pay for,’ but with that being said, you my friend require my peace as payment, and that’s entirely too expensive for me to afford.

No 60 day money back gauruntee here.

(insert two finger peace emoji here —-> )

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