Fight of the Century

So tonight is the big Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. It’s literally the ‘fight of the century,’ or so they say. I’m actually pretty excited to watch it with my best girl, over a couple of cold bourbons. But I can’t help but to think with all this build up, what happens next? For either one of them. Win or lose, this fight kind of defines them both. So where is there to go from here? I wonder how each of them feels. This is literally one of Mayweather’s last career fights. So besides the fact that he’s worth a few hundred million, what’s next for him and his life?

Oddly enough, I’m a little jealous of them both. And not for the reasons that you’re probably thinking, ie, money, fame, etc. But I’m so jealous that they can see a finish line. That’s something that I’ll never get to, unless of course you count death.

Because for me, there’s truly no finish line to look forward to. There’s no other side. No mark of a new year, or another birthday changing my life’s circumstances. There’s no test to pass and then I’m done. This journey, one that I never willing signed up for, is lifelong.

Sure, there will be some peaks and many valleys. I’m sure more lows than I can count, and hopefully a few highs along the way. There’s probably even gonna be some dragging lulls as well, although I’m not entirely sure what to do with those yet. But no matter what the view is, or how many times it changes for me, it will never actually be over. I’ll never be finished. No line to cross, no medal to win.

So tonight is the ‘fight of this century,’ and I’ll take the time to soak it in and enjoy it. And when the last round finishes, I’ll go right back to living the constant fight of my life.

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