Today I got a really important message on social media, and it brought me back here.

An old friend of mine from high school in Germany told me that this blog, my words, have been helping her get through her own battle of bringing her Mother heart into her physical world after back to back losses.

These types of messages are always what bring me back here. Back to this space. They always will.

So as much as she’s found healing through my story here, I’ve found healing in hearing her words to me.

So for that, I thank you sweet friend!

Thank you for bringing me back, and reminding me why I created this space at all.

Our conversation got me thinking about self-care, and how so incredibly important that is for those of us who balance the differing roads between our two very real, and very separate worlds that we occupy.

I’ve recently found myself partnered with the doctors of Rodan + Fields, and have become completely engulfed in this world of premium skincare. I took this leap of faith based on my own skincare needs, and my desire to create a secondary income for myself.

That was my game plan, and after I sat and mapped it out, I jumped in face first. Literally.

It’s been good to me, and for me thus far. It keeps me engaged, and it’s created a real excitement for me about our products. I love sharing my life, obviously, as well as all things I love. So this has become such a natural fit for me.

But it wasn’t really until my conversation today about my child, about our children, that I realized more than anything, this business has become such an important method of self-care for me over the past month.

It’s given me something new & fun to believe in. It’s created so many new friendships and partnerships as well. And it’s also helped put me back on track to really caring about myself fully.

2017 has been a year full of self-care for me. I’ve been getting back in shape, and really cleaned up my diet. That resulted in a 19 pound weight loss for me, officially putting me under the weight I was when I first became pregnant with my Kam. I’m still committed to losing another 15, and now that my NYC vacation is over, it’s time to really become focuses again.

I’ve also gotten back to a much better place emotionally, and translating that over to all of my personal relationships has created a new level of healing. This has been so critical for me, and for allowing me to really open back up to the world around me instead of just existing in it.

And now just to be the cherry on top, I’ve finally gotten my rosacea under control. And anyone who knows what having a skin condition is like, knows how impactful it is to your overall sense of well-being when you aren’t constantly trying to cover it up. There’s just something very freeing in it, and for that I’m grateful.

Everyone’s journey to self care is different, and that’s okay. That’s more than okay actually. It’s necessary. My path probably hasn’t looked right to some out there, and I’ve come to an incredible level of acceptance of that thought. Because my path to Motherhood doesn’t look the same as the average person out there either.

And no matter what, this path that I walk, is mine to navigate. That being said, I’m overwhelmingly thankful I don’t have to navigate it alone. xx

“I have loved to the point of madness. That which is called madness. That which to me is the only sensible way to love.”

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